Here is my muddled Cinderella story from the step sisters veiw



This story you are about to read is about our ugly step sister Cinderella. Cinderella is an annoying sister, all she ever does is cook and clean and fix our clothes. How rude is she when she complains all the time, about cleaning , fixing and never going anywhere, but she is younger!


A maid and a cook , not a pretty older sister like us.  Cinderella doesn’t deserve to go out! We were so excited when our invitation came to the ball!


We went to the ball and everything was lovely and the prince was charming. We both had a lovely evening . There were lots of pretty ladies, including us. When we walked down the marble stairs it was time to dance. However, this beautiful girl in a silver gown danced with prince charming and we were very jealous. The girl who was very pretty danced and danced all night with prince and when the clock struck twelve, she rushed past us on her way to the door, leaving a glass slipper behind. The prince gave the glass slipper to his servants to go and find the girl that would fit the slipper.


A day had gone by and Prince Charming made an announcement  in the centre of town. Whoever, can fit this glass slipper would be his bride . Then we both we remembered it was from the mystery girl from the ball who ran out.


When Prince Charming came to our house, Cinderella came into the room  and prepared chairs for us to sit on. We both tried the slipper on, even our mother. We were all trying to make our foot fit the slipper, after all who wouldn’t want to marry the prince and become the princess of the land.


Oh then when Cinderella walked by she asked“ could I try the slipper on”? . We were amazed that she asked such a silly question. Straight away we both said No.

However, it was prince who insisted that she was to try it on. Cinderella , then sat down on the chair and slowly slid her tiny foot into the slipper.  We were both in shock, as it fitted her foot like a glove, it was amazing! We told Prince Charming that it must have been impossible as she was at home cleaning. Then Cinderella told us all about her fairy godmother.


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here’s my dog Coco

London olympic 2012

Where ever you are in the world have you heard of the London Olypic 2012 I really want to go are you?

It sounds fun and I hope that Aus brings us home some medals!
There will be lots of people going I wonder if Queen Elizebeth will go?

Some may be very lucky and are going but others like I will stay at home and watch it on TV!
My mum and dad didn’t go to the Olpics in Aus in 2000 but stayed at a friends house were they watched the basket ball part of the australian Olpics 2000!

I am very jeulous of my mum and dad but hopfully one day I will go!

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Easter- Reuse,Reduce,Reproduce and make it into art

Ok so you have maybe eaten some Easter eggs and have a wrapper and don’t want to chuck in the bin well I have the perfect solution:
For this art task you need
-easter egg wrappers
-glue/glue stick
-1 A4 piece of paper

Step 1- eat Easter eggs and keep wrapper
Step 2- Collect wrappers until enough to cover one side of an A4 piece of paper
Step 3- Get an A4 piece of paper and fold it in half
Step 4- take you glue and glue the wrappers on
Step 5 – leave it to dry for one night
Step 6 – then the next morning write your message inside then give it to the person!


Happy April fools day:)

Are you going to play a trick on someone here are some of my suggestions?

For brothers:put a piece of paper on your brothers back saying something like __________[your brothers name]likes____________[a girl he knows and at breakfast the next mooring laugh at him and then take it of him!

The same on sisters in the opposite way!


Where in the world is your favorite holiday destination?

Mine personal fav is probably Paris as of its weather as it is so pretty and I also love the famous art!

What do you like to/have do in that place?

I like to look at the artworks and go shopping.when I went there it was winter so site seeing inside was fun to!

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From Lily

Yay you were right coco is a beagle!
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