Text Talk

Are you allowed to use text talk when blogging on other peoples blog?
What do you think that you should be using text talk or full words?
If you answer please leave your own blog URL if you have one.
And what do you think I need to improve my blog?

Thank You

Do you like musicals?

Helllo and welcome as you may know this post is about musicals.
The reason I ask this question is because my school is doing a musical.
This musical is a mix of music we have jazz and a lot of solo’s.
But the question is do you like musicals and what is your favourite musical and have you ever peformed in one?

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Bye 😀


Sorry everyone that I haven’t post recently.Any way I do Chinese lesson in Sydney. I recently filmed a video here is the URL to my teachers website were you can find the film also why not leave a comment on her blog and my blog what do you think of the film?

URL- my Chinese teachers website


P.S I am the one in the pink dress with my sister! 🙂
Here is the translation in english of what my sister and I are saying in Manderan! 😛

Me+sis- Hello,We went to Bejing for a family holiday.
Me-We climbed the Great Wall at Mutianyu and walked a long way.We then got a toboggan down.It was so much fun.
Sis-We went to the Forbiddian city,it was very beautiful.It is built over such a big space of land.
Me-One of the highlights was taking a rickshaw ride to have lunch with a local family in Hutong.We ate tofu,chicken,rice,green beans,all very nice.
Sis-We went to an acrobtic show at Choayang Theatre,it was just amazing.
Me-Dinner another night by the lake at Qianhai Lake,wacthing people in there peddle boats.
Sis-We loved the shopping and the peeking duck.
Me+Sis- We loved visiting Bejing and can’t wait to go back!
Me+ sis- Thankyou 🙂 😛 😀

Thanks 🙂

Homework Debate

Do you think kids should or shouldn’t get homework?

I think we should have homework because it can help you learn and makes things easy as you grow up( but I don’t know that fully yet).

On the other hand sometimes homework can take forever so it can stop you from watching TV but I guess that is a good thing.

So I think we should have homework so that were NOT a couch potato watching TV all day and we do go to school to learn.

What do you think?

P.S Sorry it is so short i’m in the middle of doing homework

Athletics Carnival


Go Preston Go Hooray my green house colour won the athletics carnival.

I would like to say at first I was nervous at the 100metres race.

Then when I got called for the 200metres race my legs were shaking.

After that my friend wanted me to run in the  800 metres race at first I was thinking no way but then I realised I don’t have to run just to get a ribbon I’m here to have fun and support Preston so I ran. Anyone in Preston would know that we came 1st after all that hard running we won. I may not have got a ribbon in the 100metres or200metres or even the 800 metres. But the house relays’ were great fun we came 2nd by about 2m.Cheering is fun and by 1 point we won Franklin was on 380 points and we were on 381 points.

 Thank you very much too all teachers and house Captains for making this day possible!